Relaxing Roccella Ionica

Roccella Ionica is an Italian resort town characterized by its medieval past found on its hills and its present day modern center by the Ionian Sea. Located in Calabria Roccella Ionica, also known as Roccella Jonica, traces its origins back to the times of the Magna Grecia Colonies and is possibly built on top of the ancient Greek settlement of Amphissa. While the town is presently a top tourist draw, its economy also flourishes due to its olive and fishing industries.

Walking around town is enough to soak in its glorious past and vibrant present. Any tour of Roccella Ionica is not complete without stopping by the Angevin Castle and the Pizzofalcone Tower. The Angevin Castle was built during the 16th century, and was used to ward the town against Saracen attacks. The castle still continues to dominate the town and its surrounding landscape. The Pizzofalcone Tower is right by the immediate vicinity of the Angevin Castle and is another magnificent edifice dating back to the medieval times.

Swimming is another activity to indulge in when vacationing in Roccella Ionica. This town is blessed with a crystal clear sea.

If you plan to visit in July, make sure to attend and witness one of the towns traditions. Every first Sunday of the month of July, the town honors its patron saint Maria delle Grazie. The festivities start with a procession of a statue of the Madonna through the streets and ends with an equally enchanting procession of boats on the sea.

Finding a place to stay in Roccella is easy as there is a wide array of accommodation such as hotels, bread and breakfasts, inns, and holiday homes.

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