Pizzo is one of the Calabrias seaports. Located on a steep cliff, this gives a perfect view of Santa Eufemia Gulf. With this panoramic view one can enjoy peaceful walk at the historical places. One of which is San Giorgio Collegiate which still holds statues of 16th century. Nearby is San Sebastiano Church and Purgatorio Church. Not too far are Grazie Church and Piedigrotta Church which was carved out infront of the beach by some Neapolitans shipwrecked.

The major architectural scenery is the Aragonian Castle which was built by the request of Ferdinand of Aragona. Near the castle is the Pizzo Marine which is filled with seaside tourism.

As you walk through the streets of cobbled stone you will feel an atmosphere of an old and new traditional life. Upon entering Piazza de Republican you can have a view of the maritime museum, different churches and fountains of apartments all over piazza. This romantic place can be best explored with a sip of espresso or an ice cream tartufo.

Like most places in Italy, Pizzo is deliciously known for their ice creams. They originated black tartuffo or truffles. Here, ice creams are scooped and filled with chocolate at the core. Take a sit at any bars or restaurants and surprise yourself with this mouth-watering ice cream that you will find very tasty until the very last bite while enjoying the lovely view of the city.

With these sight-seeing structures and delicious dishes you can realize that you are really on a holiday and may not want to be anywhere else.

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