Nocera Scalo

Nocera Scalo is a coastal half of the small town of Nocera Terinese with only around five-thousand residents in total and has a beautiful seafront promenade. Like many other comuni of Italy, Nocera has its territory which is smaller towns and have few inhabitants. As elsewhere in Italy they have their own administrative identity which is known as frazioni.

Nocera Scalo is located at the coast of Nocera Terinese. There are only 5000 residents here. This place has a beautiful and lovely seafront.

With it amazing location and striking designs of architectural structures, this is a best place for unwinding and walking through historical streets.

Walking around Assisi will take you to the monuments of Franciscan. You can also see Basilica of Saint Francis where he was buried. Across is Basilica of St. Clare which is the birthplace of St. Francis. Walking along the Valley of Topino River takes you to the villages and ruins of towers and castles.

Walking along can take you to a lot of wonderful structures here which mostly reminds us of the journey of Saint Francis and his companion. If you want to expand your journey, there are trains and busses which will take you to more exciting places. You can also rent a car and drive for yourself along the streets of this town. Making you feel like you really belong here.

This place not only mesmerized folks with their architectural art but at the same time allow people to reflect by means of their religious cathedrals.

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