Le Castella

Le Castella exists at Isola di Capo Rizzuto in Calabria. This thousand year age town lies glory and history. Its origin is unknown but it is said that it was an old village during the time of Hannibal of Carthage.  It is believed that the ancient gods and goddesses used to live here. Ulisse, hero of the Sea, would have live here longer. Historians and geographers still placed its origin into mystery because of its indefinable geographical location.

The word “Le Castella” was derived from the many castles that were mysteriously disappeared in the sea. This mysterious disappearance was confirmed by the presence of ancient walls that was found along Costello Aragonese. Looking at this castle makes you feel the wars and conquests that occurred within the castle. It only has an-800 population which is considered in Calabria as the most picturesque place. The inhabitants here are called Castelisi.

Presently Le Castella is still the same after a long a period. People can reach it through a carriage road. This road stretches from Capo Rizzuto Island to the coast of Calabria.

Today like centuries ago the tower still stands as it watches the village. The roofs of the houses are color green, a very breath-taking niche that marks the entrance of the road leading to the heart of the village. Every structures and sceneries reminds us of provincialism of the 19th century.

This place envelopes its own mystery. Whatever its origin is, people have to be thankful that it still allows locals and visitors to experience a world of yesterday from today.

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