Lamezia Terme is a city in the province of Calabria, Italy. It has three communities, Sant Eufemia, Sambiase and Nicastro. This unspoilt region has different original and modern alteration of historical structures. Added by its sandy beaches and rocky bays, this untouched haven is truly worth visiting.

Upon exploring the three communities you will see remains of 17th century castles and cathedrals. In Via Garibaldi you can visit the archeological museums that a store interesting finds and facts from the past like artifacts of old Greeks and Romans.  Also a visit to the medieval churches of San Francesco and San Domenico and the Cathedral where Isabel of Aragon was buried, is something you do not want to miss.   Here you can hear the echoes of yesterday. In addition to this sights are coasts, forests and mountains.

    Another popular architecture is Lamezia Terme Airport, because of its central location this becomes Calabrias transportation hub.

Gastronomic specialty includes home made pastas and sauce made of pork, beef, veal or lamb mixed with tomato puree. There are lots pastas to choose from. One example is Fileja which is prepared by rolling dough around a needle.

If you are already tired but still want to walk around the city, you can have spa at Sambiase. Its thermal baths is very famous. It is one good way of experiencing a different kind of spa.

Although Lamezia Terme seemed to be modernized, their tradition remains and the ancient structures are still given importance, making this city a unique place to visit.

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