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The Calabria region of Italy is fast becoming the countrys newly discovered tourist spot of which the city of Cantanzaro is its capital. The city is highly urbanized but still characterized with traces of its ancient past. Parts of the region still retain their quaint rural appeal especially those situated in the coastal areas.

The height of the tourist season is during the summer months. Spring and autumn are also nice times to visit though the weather becomes a bit windier during these times. All in all, Catanzaro is blessed with a typical temperate Mediterranean climate perfect for walking and touring around.

Aside from its windy weather (Vento in Italian), Catanzaro is also known for its patron saint, San Vitaliano, and its iconic status as producer of fine velvet and silks since the time of the Byzantines. Due to these characteristics, Catanzaro is also known as the city of the three Vs.

Apart from the seaside activities and its cuisine, visitors will be delighted when they visit Catanzaros main sights. There are magnificent historical churches dating from the 10th through 16th centuries such as the Duomo, Church of the Santissimo Rosario, Church of Sant Omobono, Chiesa dell Osservanza, and the Basilica dell Immacolata. Other than the churches, historical structures like the Catanzaro Bridge, ruins of the Norman Castle, Piazza Grimaldi , the Palazzo de Nobili (now functions as Catanzaros Town Hall), and the Porta di S. Agostino and Porta di Strato. The last two are the gates that are all that remain from medieval walls that were demolished in 1805.

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