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Squillace is a city in Calabria, Southern Italy. It is situated near the Ionian Sea and has been known since past centuries as a center of wine, olive, silk, and particularly earthenware works production. It is here where the pignatari style of ceramic art was born. The word pignatari is derived from pignata which is an earthenware vessel used for cooking beans. The city dates all the way back to ancient times, making it one of the most important archeological sites in Italy.

Recently though, Squillace is becoming known to be a charming resort town. However, it has not yet reached the status of a package tour destination. Instead, the place is geared more towards the traveler seeking relaxation through local cuisine, sights, arts and culture.

Swimming in Squillaces waters is a delight as locals boast it to be one of the cleanest and clearest in Italy. Walking, hiking and mountain biking are other activities one can indulge in.

There are a number of sights one will encounter when exploring the city. These are the old village of Squillace, the Castle of Borgia, the Castellense of Cassiodorus, the Tenuta Castellesi, the old Graeco-Roman Theatre, and the archeological excavations of the Skilletion. Olive and citrus plantations also abound in the area, providing a charming scene sure to delight ones eyes. Among the plantations are country houses restored in the old Calabrian styles.

For those who want to really immerse in the Squillace lifestyle, one can participate in olive harvesting, citrus harvesting, oil and wine tasting, and pottery lessons with a ceramic master.

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