Amantea is a city in the province of Cosenza, Italy. It is known to be the most popular tourist destination in Calabria. This was a home to the ancient Brutti, who were renowned warriors and are natives of Calabria. There are no Greek structures here because the ancient Brutti were unable to withstand Romans.

Modern, ancient and old cultures are its primary attractions.  This town is known for its natural beauty and historic places. Some structural designs are San Bernardini Convent and Palazzo delle Clarisse. The center of the town stretched the remains of ancients’ structures, perimeter walls, watch towers and castles. Numerous Churches are also famous here. For visitors make sure to visit bay of La Grotta in which merchant ships and boats landed.

Surrounding the town are rock formations like Coreca cliffs. It lies about 800 meters along the village.

Modern Amantea is divided into two. The first is the “old” town where it includes the historical center and is situated above the hill. Here you can feel the ancient atmosphere. The second section is the “new” or modern city. This is the place for shopping and eating. The streets are surrounded by old and modern stores, piazzas and restaurants.

Amantea is a place where you can taste a mouth-watering chocolate cake called buccotto and dried figs, which is legendary in this town is prepared according to the tradition of old-age recipes.

Its dazzling coastline, cliffs, country side and historical sceneries invites you to the prettiness of Amantea. Besides its natural charms, the people are also warm and friendly which add to the charms of this town.

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