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If you are looking to resell your Calabria Property we are able to advise on pricing strategy, help with marketing, correlating information so that it encompasses all relevent details, plans, legal requirements and full documentation to ensure a swift sale. We offer a resale service to clients aimed at the local and overseas marketplaces.

Owning a holiday home has become quite prestigious and sought after and Calabrian Property Resales provides a complete service .

Offering a comprehensive, onsite appraisal from our local office, we would be happy to take instructions.

Please contact resales@calabrian-property.com

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“The hassle free way to furnish your new home in Calabria”

Calabrian Property offers a service to Clients requiring furniture and has 3 Furniture Packs.

* Differing specifications to suit all budgets

* Wide choice of colours, fabrics etc.

* Packs can be customized

* Different options for rental or personal usage

* All delivered and installed

* Virtually everything included

* Good quality

* Bespoke service available

Furniture Options

You are able to choose from the available options and can select from tailor made packs or customize the pack according to your tastes and preferences. Calabrian Property can furnish individual villas, apartments as per your direct requirements.

All the products we offer are of high quality and affordably priced.

Please email furniture@calabrian-property.com for more information.

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We are able to source building plots for both individual dwellings, as well as land for major development projects throughout Calabria and the South of Italy.

If you are looking to build your own bespoke Villa or indeed something on a larger scale we should be delighted to assist.

For further information please email  land@calabrian-property.com

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Keeping a property in tip top order is essential, especially if it is rented out or is unoccupied for a period of time.

We offer a service that covers most areas of maintenance and repairs, all undertaken by skilled local suppliers thus ensuring complete piece of mind for owners.

These include :

* Regular checks and inspections

* Standard maintenance

* Emergency repairs

* Keyholding

* Gardening

* Pool cleaning

* Lock up and leave

For further information please email maintenance@calabrian-property.com

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For Clients wanting to be more hands on and involved in the building and design process we are able to offer a seamless and ongoing service.

With our wide range of contacts in the Construction industry we are able to call on architects and designers to enable initial concepts to be discussed and budgetary figures to be looked at. Costs are very competitive in Calabria and we can assist in choosing exactly the right partners for your particular project, whether it is for a bespoke build, renovation work or indeed a major development.

For further information please email construction@calabrian-property.com

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It is quite difficult in the first instant to locate potential restoration projects which are entirely in tune with a Clients particular requirements.

Apart from soucing these, extended enquiries to ascertain proof of ownership are needed. Most importantly it is also neccessary to ascertain whether the building has restrictions on what may or may not be done to it, as with any old property in Italy conservation of historic and original features frequently have to be retained in any updates undertaken

Working with all parties and co-ordinating with legal advisors,vendors,buyers,architects and builders we are able to bring together a professional team to come up with cost effective and innovative solutions to sypathetically restore and protect such buildings for future generations.

For further information please email construction@calabrian-property.com

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Older apartments, Villas and Property in general, frequently need upgrading and modernisation to suvive the ravages of time and climate.

A total renovation may be required or pehaps only a minor updating or makeover but with local experts on hand and the added benefit of English speaking personnel any such work can be effectively and efficiently completed on time and to budget.

For further information please email  renovation@calabrian-property.com

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Calabria Solicitors

Please contact us for a list of our recomended Solicitors for property sales.

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Being an old established member state of the E.U., Italy and therefore Calabria, has an extensive number of finance options for purchasing property very much based on individuals requirements and borrowing criteria.

Non-resident lending is quite common and is broadly in line with facilities found elsewhere in Europe. International Banking Groups such as Barclays International and GE Capital offer finance and a number of Italian Banks are also in the marketplace. Loan to value funding of 70 – 80% is currently available with some very advantageous interest rates and seting up the facility is relatively straightforward.

Every purchaser has differing requirements and with the options available this presents a bewildering array of choice. Questions regarding loan to value,interest only mortgages, terms of loan etc need clarification and we would recommend that a qualified and knowledgeable expert either in the U.K. or Calabria may well be able to find the best deals around.Naturally we would be happy to put you in touch.

For further information please email mortgages@calabrian-property.com

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The decision has been made and in the process of purchasing property in Calabria, Clients will have learnt a great deal about Italy and its legal and cultural differences.

We would have been instrumental and proactive through this initial phase but nonetheless there always crops up questions and queries needing further help and advice. A new lifestyle heralds new horizons and the new is not always familiar or indeed totally understandable.

Well, you are not alone. Our assistance and commitment is an integral part of our Companys philosophy to give a well rounded and all embracing long term package of support. This comes in various forms, from our own Staff on the ground in Italy, to links we have formed with many specialists qualified in their particular fields.

These may include: Banking

Building work / snagging

Currency Exchange



Lawyers and Legalities





A seamless and smooth transition can be accomplished by getting the best possible advice, which combined with expert knowledge makes for a happy and contented life.

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Calabrian Property prides itself on an outstanding Customer Service and we are well known for our 3 Day Discovery Tours of Calabria. We have received many testimonials and some great feedback from the clients that have purchased property in Calabria through us and we would be happy to send you these upon request.

If you would like us to email you are recent Testimonials please just ask.

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Calabria — Useful Information

Links to regional information

Brancaleone guide Soverato guide Vibo Valentia guide Pizzo guide Lamezia Terme guide Nocera guide Amantea guide Reggio Calabria guide Le Castella guide Capo Rizzuto guide Falerna guide Gizzeria guide Zambrone guide Capo Vaticano guide Joppolo guide Bratico guide Santa Domenica guide Scilla guide Siderno guide Roccella Ionica guide San Sostene guide Cantanzaro guide Squillace guide Isola di Capo Rizzuto guide Sellia Marina guide Crotone guide Scalea guide Stilo guide Gerache guide Riace guide Bottricello guide Ciro Marina guide Cariati guide Rossano guide Reggio guide

Calabria, a region at the southern edge of the Italian peninsula, has begun to shed its image as one of the less developed regions in Italy.  The development funds that the Italian government has been extending into the region are finally starting to bear fruits.  International tourists have taken notice of the many charms of Calabria. Since 2008, many property developers have come in expecting to cash in on the growth of tourism, and profit from the expected 10% annual increase in real estate prices and 6% gain on property rentals.

Holiday resorts have sprouted on the wide expanse of beaches at the Ionian and Tyrrhenian coastline.  At the forefront of this wave of resort development have been seen in the Calabrian towns of Tropea, Zambrone, Soverato, Amantea, Le Castella and Lamezia where the sandy beaches, superb sunny weather and warm sea combine as lures for tourists seeking new exciting destinations that are more affordable.

Transport infrastructures are already in place to make Calabria more accessible to local and international visitors. There are airports at Lamezia Terme and Reggio di Calabria. Visitors coming in via international flights from the airports at neighboring regions, such as Naples, wont have much traveling difficulty.  Now a motorway, the A3, runs west down the coast, linking with the A1 up into northern Naples.

Apart from the attractions of sun, sand and sea, Calabria presents other offerings to tourists and the economic benefits they bring.  One is the region’s rich cultural heritage that dates back to the classical times of Rome and Greece, artifacts from which are displayed in several Calabrese museums in addition to ancient ruins that could be found in abundance in the region. There are also historic churches, such as the Sanctuary of Santa Maria dell`Isola. This was a Benedectine sanctuary in the early Middle Ages. Restored more than once, it houses the famous “Black Crucifix”.

Calabria is also establishing itself as a producer of quality wines. A number of regional wines have already earned the Denominazione di Origine Controllata (DOC) label from the Italian government. Among these DOC wines are: Donnici, Greco Bianco, Bivongi, Ciro, Lamezia, and Sant Anna Isola. Most of these wines are not commercially available and primarily produced only for domestic consumption.

Festivals likewise make Calabria an ideal tourist destination.  During the first week of September, the Festival del Peperoncino is celebrated in honor of the cayenne ingredient in Calebrese cuisine. Festivities center in the village of Diamante where one can have a sampling of Calebrese dishes making use of the spicy condiment, from pasta to gelato.

Other enticing cuisine that Calabria locals call as their source of pride includes the alici ripieni or stuffed anchovies.  In some towns in the Cosenza province along the Ionian coast, the locals produce a spicy fish paste called sardella.  This is a culinary concoction of olive oil, hot pepper (but of course) and mashed baby sardines.

Also common in Calabria are some Neapolitan specialties like braciole which is raciol in the Calabrese dialect.

Low-cost airline routes to Lamezia-Terme:

United Kingdom

London (Stansted)


Berlin (Tegel)




Frankfurt (International)


Hamburg (Fuhlsbuettel)









Bologna (Guglielmo Marconi)

Milan (Linate)

Milan (Malpensa)

Milan (Orio al Serio)


Rome (Fiumicino)




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The Calabrian Property team made the process involved in buying a property in Calabria very simple. I was guided right from the beginning to the very last step of the process. After this good experience, I am considering investing a second time round. Thanks for all your help”


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