Rossano is in the province of Cosenza, in the Calabrian Region. It is an important city with regard to the Catholic faith. Currently, it is the seat of the Catholic archbishop. It also houses extraordinary castles and cathedrals.

The citys name is derived from the original Roman name, Roscanium. People here have strong attachment to the Greek tradition and the Byzantine Empire. It can be seen through the dominance of Greek rituals over the Latin rites. Rich history was cultivated in the city. After being a part of the Roman Empire, the city was passed on to different leaderships ranging from the Byzantine Empire to the royals of Europe. During the time of Isabelle of Naples, the city became a literary center.

Being the seat of the Catholic archbishop, popular sights in Rossano include a lot of churches. The most famous is the 11th century-built Cathedral. It is the central monument of the city. The Cathedral is well-known for the antique image of the Madonna not made by hands or the Madonna acheropita. Byzantine influences still stands up to date. The church of Santa Maria Panaghìa or St. Mary of All Saints is an old, thick-walled, rustic church.The St. Mark Oratory which was built on the 10th century is the best preserved Byzantine church. It was built by St. Nilus the Younger and considered the oldest testament in city. Other churches include Santa Chiara, San Francesco di Paola, and the first Catholic Church in the city, the late-Gothic style church of San Bernardino.

Rossano is also a city of music as it hosts the annual Marco Fiume Blues Passion, an outdoor blues and jazz festival which takes place every July. Moreover, this place is known as the birthplace of Pope John VII, Pope Urban VII and Saint Nilus the Younger.

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