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Removed from the pressures of the glitters and glamour of Italys capital is a small town bustling with the simple ways of living. Falerna a small settlement within the cloisters of Catanzaro province is a place for people looking for the traditional Southern Italian lifestyle. This heaven of a place features fine sandy beaches, days brimming with the richness of sunshine and old world Italian ways. Hotel accommodation can be found anywhere the place where the dreamy, rocky landscape of Italy is just visible from any window. Most tourists go about the place to marvel at the local handicrafts or settle themselves on high cliffs overlooking the pristine waters and sandy beachfronts that turn into one of the worlds loveliest places to be once the sun goes down gilding everything it comes across.

Falerna, having about four thousand people in their midst, had most of their tradition preserved by their older residents. Local products and handicrafts are available for every tourist looking for homegrown cuisines and souvenirs to bring home. The small town of Falerna is divided into two sections, visitors from every corners of the world could settle themselves either in the middle of the older section where the classic Italian culture are most pronounced and celebrated or to stay close to the seashore where most people bask underneath the wealth of sea breezes and sunshine. The unique architecture so reminiscent of the easy and effortless beauty of rural Italian places, and the benefits of being far off from the hassles of the city life is one of the reasons why people visit this place and engaged themselves to relax and unwind and have fun.

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Capo Rizzuto

Italy is known all throughout the world for its high life and chic fashions, it is also famous for the variety of sumptuous cuisine that has brought the beloved pastas to humanity. But what most people do not know about is that away from the hustles and bustles of its capital lies a historic paradise that captures every breath of travelers. Capo Rizzuto could be found lurking within the beautiful confines of Crotone province in the Southern part of Italy in Calabria. It is a small strip of land overlooking the breathtaking sight of the Mediterranean Sea. People who come here enjoy the sea breezes, the richness of the suns rays illuminating the deep blue sea and making just about everything alive. The landscape splashed with all the varieties of natures color, the rocks, and the fine sands and the marine wildlife making their own living just beneath the deep waters of this remarkable Southern Italian town.

Capo Rizzuto is also a town full of the stories of the past; in fact one could see the castle ruins and those of the remnants of the Church of St. Marco and the Cathedral noble and imposing amidst the small island. Capo Rizzuto is a fine destination for travelers looking for the perfect getaway replete with history and the wonders of a well off marine environment. In fact, sea watching is a primary past time for visitors from all ages. One of Italys Marine Protected Areas, people, both young and old, are given free rein to roam around and discover the allure of marine ecosystems.

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Le Castella

Le Castella exists at Isola di Capo Rizzuto in Calabria. This thousand year age town lies glory and history. Its origin is unknown but it is said that it was an old village during the time of Hannibal of Carthage.  It is believed that the ancient gods and goddesses used to live here. Ulisse, hero of the Sea, would have live here longer. Historians and geographers still placed its origin into mystery because of its indefinable geographical location.

The word “Le Castella” was derived from the many castles that were mysteriously disappeared in the sea. This mysterious disappearance was confirmed by the presence of ancient walls that was found along Costello Aragonese. Looking at this castle makes you feel the wars and conquests that occurred within the castle. It only has an-800 population which is considered in Calabria as the most picturesque place. The inhabitants here are called Castelisi.

Presently Le Castella is still the same after a long a period. People can reach it through a carriage road. This road stretches from Capo Rizzuto Island to the coast of Calabria.

Today like centuries ago the tower still stands as it watches the village. The roofs of the houses are color green, a very breath-taking niche that marks the entrance of the road leading to the heart of the village. Every structures and sceneries reminds us of provincialism of the 19th century.

This place envelopes its own mystery. Whatever its origin is, people have to be thankful that it still allows locals and visitors to experience a world of yesterday from today.

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Reggio Calabria

Reggio Calabria is said to be the largest town in the Province of Calabria. This is a city that has long history where its origin is believed to be traced back 774 B.C. This city is also the main center for commerce. The climate is mild all year around.                 It is surrounded by natural and as well as man made tourist attractions. If you want some exciting things to do, then you will be impressed what this place can provide to you. For travelers, you will surely have restless days when you visit here.

There are many tourist destinations available for visitors. You can start by visiting churches and its magnificent structure, ancient buildings and modernized street.  Here you can get a spectacular view of Sicily and Messina Strait.

Among the known main attractions, a must see here is Bronzi di Riace which is a two ancient statues way back 5th century.

If you are up for more adventure, make sure to go to Capo Vaticano where you will experience an awesome peninsula which is blessed with sandy beaches and amazing cliffs,

The architectures that you will witness are connected to the craftsmanship of their ancestors. The shops are active in small centers which offer valuable materials like ceramics, apotropaiche masks which is said to keep away evil spirits.

A great place like this will not be recognized without the efforts of local residents promoting exciting trips through natural and archeological areas. And this is being witnessed by the known reggina hospitality which adds charm to their tourism.

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Amantea is a city in the province of Cosenza, Italy. It is known to be the most popular tourist destination in Calabria. This was a home to the ancient Brutti, who were renowned warriors and are natives of Calabria. There are no Greek structures here because the ancient Brutti were unable to withstand Romans.

Modern, ancient and old cultures are its primary attractions.  This town is known for its natural beauty and historic places. Some structural designs are San Bernardini Convent and Palazzo delle Clarisse. The center of the town stretched the remains of ancients’ structures, perimeter walls, watch towers and castles. Numerous Churches are also famous here. For visitors make sure to visit bay of La Grotta in which merchant ships and boats landed.

Surrounding the town are rock formations like Coreca cliffs. It lies about 800 meters along the village.

Modern Amantea is divided into two. The first is the “old” town where it includes the historical center and is situated above the hill. Here you can feel the ancient atmosphere. The second section is the “new” or modern city. This is the place for shopping and eating. The streets are surrounded by old and modern stores, piazzas and restaurants.

Amantea is a place where you can taste a mouth-watering chocolate cake called buccotto and dried figs, which is legendary in this town is prepared according to the tradition of old-age recipes.

Its dazzling coastline, cliffs, country side and historical sceneries invites you to the prettiness of Amantea. Besides its natural charms, the people are also warm and friendly which add to the charms of this town.

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Nocera Scalo

Nocera Scalo is a coastal half of the small town of Nocera Terinese with only around five-thousand residents in total and has a beautiful seafront promenade. Like many other comuni of Italy, Nocera has its territory which is smaller towns and have few inhabitants. As elsewhere in Italy they have their own administrative identity which is known as frazioni.

Nocera Scalo is located at the coast of Nocera Terinese. There are only 5000 residents here. This place has a beautiful and lovely seafront.

With it amazing location and striking designs of architectural structures, this is a best place for unwinding and walking through historical streets.

Walking around Assisi will take you to the monuments of Franciscan. You can also see Basilica of Saint Francis where he was buried. Across is Basilica of St. Clare which is the birthplace of St. Francis. Walking along the Valley of Topino River takes you to the villages and ruins of towers and castles.

Walking along can take you to a lot of wonderful structures here which mostly reminds us of the journey of Saint Francis and his companion. If you want to expand your journey, there are trains and busses which will take you to more exciting places. You can also rent a car and drive for yourself along the streets of this town. Making you feel like you really belong here.

This place not only mesmerized folks with their architectural art but at the same time allow people to reflect by means of their religious cathedrals.

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Lamezia Terme is a city in the province of Calabria, Italy. It has three communities, Sant Eufemia, Sambiase and Nicastro. This unspoilt region has different original and modern alteration of historical structures. Added by its sandy beaches and rocky bays, this untouched haven is truly worth visiting.

Upon exploring the three communities you will see remains of 17th century castles and cathedrals. In Via Garibaldi you can visit the archeological museums that a store interesting finds and facts from the past like artifacts of old Greeks and Romans.  Also a visit to the medieval churches of San Francesco and San Domenico and the Cathedral where Isabel of Aragon was buried, is something you do not want to miss.   Here you can hear the echoes of yesterday. In addition to this sights are coasts, forests and mountains.

    Another popular architecture is Lamezia Terme Airport, because of its central location this becomes Calabrias transportation hub.

Gastronomic specialty includes home made pastas and sauce made of pork, beef, veal or lamb mixed with tomato puree. There are lots pastas to choose from. One example is Fileja which is prepared by rolling dough around a needle.

If you are already tired but still want to walk around the city, you can have spa at Sambiase. Its thermal baths is very famous. It is one good way of experiencing a different kind of spa.

Although Lamezia Terme seemed to be modernized, their tradition remains and the ancient structures are still given importance, making this city a unique place to visit.

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Pizzo is one of the Calabrias seaports. Located on a steep cliff, this gives a perfect view of Santa Eufemia Gulf. With this panoramic view one can enjoy peaceful walk at the historical places. One of which is San Giorgio Collegiate which still holds statues of 16th century. Nearby is San Sebastiano Church and Purgatorio Church. Not too far are Grazie Church and Piedigrotta Church which was carved out infront of the beach by some Neapolitans shipwrecked.

The major architectural scenery is the Aragonian Castle which was built by the request of Ferdinand of Aragona. Near the castle is the Pizzo Marine which is filled with seaside tourism.

As you walk through the streets of cobbled stone you will feel an atmosphere of an old and new traditional life. Upon entering Piazza de Republican you can have a view of the maritime museum, different churches and fountains of apartments all over piazza. This romantic place can be best explored with a sip of espresso or an ice cream tartufo.

Like most places in Italy, Pizzo is deliciously known for their ice creams. They originated black tartuffo or truffles. Here, ice creams are scooped and filled with chocolate at the core. Take a sit at any bars or restaurants and surprise yourself with this mouth-watering ice cream that you will find very tasty until the very last bite while enjoying the lovely view of the city.

With these sight-seeing structures and delicious dishes you can realize that you are really on a holiday and may not want to be anywhere else.

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Vibo Valentia is a town in Calabria region near Tyrrhenian Sea in the south of Italy. Although ruined by earthquakes, today it is well known for summer destination.

Presently it is the center for commercial and industrial economy. But still it has not forgotten its origin where its old lineage is expanded in this modernized town.

Vibo Valentia is rich in history and monuments.  Overlooking is the Norman Castle which is erected as a defense and was used by Frederick II.

There was a 7 km megalithic blocks of stones used to stretch along the Greek wall. Now you can still see 300 meters of this great wall. Worth visiting are the archeological structures such as the State Archeological Museum, Norman Castle, Rosario Church and its 14th century chapel and the ruins of the city of Greek and Romans. The most religious place to visit is the St. Leo Iuco Cathedral. Inside you will admire its baroque features. There are towers and friezes like Triptych, 16th century Madonna and painting of Sienese School.

Another beautiful scenery is Valentianum. It is a Renaissance structure with a cloister connected to the Cathedral.

Traditionally, every Saturday is Vibo Valencia day. During this day you can find not only the best but also the most original things that local handcrafts can offer. During their feast day they give honor to their arts and handicrafts.

Vibo Valencia is truly rich in art. It is a living evidence of yesterday. Being here even for a while, makes you forget the busy world of today and reminisce the wonders of yesterday. Really, a great place for relaxation and at the same time enriching our historical knowledge.

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Soverato is a town in the Province of Catanzaro in Calabria region. This town was completely destroyed by an earthquake in 1783 and was rebuilt in 19th century. Presently representing this town are the three urban areas Marina, Vecchia and Superiore.

In some part of this town you will find ruins of the ancient medieval village. Some of the important monuments you can view here are the Church of SS. Addolorata, Santa Maria della Pieta and San Antonio da Padova, truly a work of art.

The climate here all throughout the year is mild and pleasant. This is because of the combination of natural and local factors, a bright sun and very clean and attractive seas.
When it comes to foods, Soverato offers simple but strong tastes of its typical dishes. They prepared it in various ways. Scilatelle is one dish you should taste. It is hand-made pasta with basils and tomatoes. Some ingredients of this pasta are a sliced-lard known as bujhularo, red sweet peppers, courgette fritters and courgette flowers.

Another great dish is their fish. Stockfish or stoccafisso with tomatoes and alga ciciaredda or blue fish which is served fried is good for main course.
Do not forget to taste their famous wine either in white or red variety.

Now that you know what you can do here you can packed your things and visit the place. You can reach this town by plane which will land in Lamezia Terme Airport, then, you can rent car, take a bus or train which only a 60 km away from the town. And finally step down at lovely streets of Soverato.

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Brancaleone is a municipality of Reggio Calabria Province. The people here are known Brancaleonesi. St. Peter the Apostle is their patron saint and June 29th is their feast day.

Lovely Brancaleone is located along the coast of Jasmine in the town of Reggio Calabria. Here you can see a breathtaking view of white beaches of Ionian Sea. The coasts are unspoilt and the sands are soft. The air is being scented by the blossoms of jasmine and bergamot. Bergamots which are also highly produce in this area, is a subtropical trees that are used in food industry as well as perfume industry. This fruit is also being used in their liquor and its oil is said to be effective in healing ailments.
There are lots of things to do in this small town.

There are markets and eateries that are truly authentic by nature. There are bars, coffee bars, shops, patisseries along the alleys and streets. The street gives access to the villages in the mountains and ancient ruins of the highlands of Calabrian. And of course, ice cream, which is famous all over Italy.

Brancaleone is also a great place for horseback riding, golf and hill walking. Another exciting thing to do here are water sports, like snorkeling and skiing. With its great coastline, there are various sports available, from scuba diving to para-gliding.
This small town has big things to offer. Not only you will be stunned by the sceneries but you will also be overwhelmed by various activities this place can give.

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