Vibo Valentia is a town in Calabria region near Tyrrhenian Sea in the south of Italy. Although ruined by earthquakes, today it is well known for summer destination.

Presently it is the center for commercial and industrial economy. But still it has not forgotten its origin where its old lineage is expanded in this modernized town.

Vibo Valentia is rich in history and monuments.  Overlooking is the Norman Castle which is erected as a defense and was used by Frederick II.

There was a 7 km megalithic blocks of stones used to stretch along the Greek wall. Now you can still see 300 meters of this great wall. Worth visiting are the archeological structures such as the State Archeological Museum, Norman Castle, Rosario Church and its 14th century chapel and the ruins of the city of Greek and Romans. The most religious place to visit is the St. Leo Iuco Cathedral. Inside you will admire its baroque features. There are towers and friezes like Triptych, 16th century Madonna and painting of Sienese School.

Another beautiful scenery is Valentianum. It is a Renaissance structure with a cloister connected to the Cathedral.

Traditionally, every Saturday is Vibo Valencia day. During this day you can find not only the best but also the most original things that local handcrafts can offer. During their feast day they give honor to their arts and handicrafts.

Vibo Valencia is truly rich in art. It is a living evidence of yesterday. Being here even for a while, makes you forget the busy world of today and reminisce the wonders of yesterday. Really, a great place for relaxation and at the same time enriching our historical knowledge.

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