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Extract from our Guide

Extract from our Guide

Those of you who love beaches, mountains, good weather and of course the sea….. will be captivated by Calabria, at the Southern tip of Italy.

Calabria the Southernmost point of Mainland Europe, is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea which borders the regions three sides. These shores are lapped to the East by the Ionian Sea, to the West the Tyrrhenian, and in the South, the Straits of Messina.

Mountains act as an impressive backdrop to the seascapes dominance of the Region and there are three Mountain Ranges in the area, La Sila, Aspromonte and Pollino to explore. Each of these contain unique flora and fauna and have many stunning walks and views with skiing also available in the Winter months.

Visiting Sila is essential for visitors to the region. This is a vast mountainous plateau, encompassing the central part of Calabria for almost 2,000 square kilometers averaging an altitude of about 1,200 meters above sea level, with its highest point at Botte Donato at almost 2,000 meters There are numerous lakes and dense, coniferous forests and breathtaking views, making this a must for visits both in the Summer months and for the snow Sports enthusiast in Winter!

The Aspromonte Mountains in particular, form the Southernmost tip of the Italian Peninsular with its Sea borders. The highest point of this unique mountain formation is at Montalto Uffogo and visitors can marvel at the wide, man-made terraces dramatically sloping down towards the sea.

This beautifully haunting and hilly landscape greatly influences its climate. As a seasoned Calabria guide will tell visiting tourists, it is cold in the Pollino Mountains area, and almost consistently temperate in Aspromonte.The Sila and Serre massifs, on the other hand, bring greater humidity for areas on the Tyrrhenian coast and a drier climate for those on the the Ionian coastline.

English is not as widely spoken in Calabria compared to other Italian regions but visitors can easily pick up the basics of the language with a number of good International languge schools also available. Calabrians have their own dialect, which can be difficult to understand but the friendliness and helpfulness of the local residents certainly makes up for this!

Calabria is well served by good transport links and include International Airports and a train service that run along the Coastline. Airports are located in Reggio Calabria (Tito Minniti), another in Lamezia Terme (SantEufemia), and a third in Crotone (SantAnna). Trains run all the way from Rome, Naples and Bari to many destinations and with a network of motorways accessibility is straightforward.

For overland travellers from Northern Italy and Europe, taking the A3 Autostrada, the main north–south highway from Naples and Salerno is generally the best way to get to Calabria.For a break in the journey, take time out to go to Praja a Mare and visit Dino Island famous for its stunning, Grotta Azzurra (Blue Cave). There, one can swim in the crystal blue sea that has made Calabria one of the most exciting and alluring destinations in Italy.


Some of the beaches in Calabria remain almost undiscovered. However we have put together a list of the most enticing, beautiful and best for those unfamiliar with the Region.


For your free Calabria Guide Click Here

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