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Here you will find all the latest Calabria property news, as well as opinion and analysis articles on the Calabrian property market.

Calabrian property is popular with holiday home buyers and tourists because of the slow pace of life, but that does not mean that things are not changing fast in the property market. Property market news can be sparse and spread over the internet. Here is where to find all the news on the Calabria property market in one place.

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New release of 6 new build apartments in Tropea of which 3 have already been sold! These are in one of the most sought after areas of Tropea and Prices for a 2 Bedroom apartment start at just €105,000

Contact us For further details…..

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ENAV (Italian authority for flight control) and the operators of the airports of the Italian region of Calabria (Lamezia Terme, Reggio Calabria and Crotone) have just signed an agreement to modernize and develop the three airports.

The agreement includes a global investment of 40 million euros to be distributed as follows:

Reggio Calabria airport (550,000 passengers in 2008) will receive 16.7 million euros

Lamezia Terme airport (1.5 million passengers) will receive 12.6 million euros

Crotone airport (100,000 transits in 2008) will receive 10.3 million euros.

These funds joins those investments for other infrastructure improvement in these three airports totalling over €123.1 million euros.

This is great news for all three airports in Calabria and will make getting here easier and easier.

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VILLAS SERNO – Only €112,500

Serno Villas are perfectly positioned and offer views of both the Sea and the Mountains and are extremely well appointed on individual plots of varying size, with excellent interior and exterior finishes.

The Villas are generous in size with the 2 bedroom variety coming with 2 Bathrooms, 2 Balconies and large covered outside Terrace, as well as a well proportioned garden area.

For properties prior to build or at an early stage of construction it is often possible to customize to Clients particular requirements. Additionally, other features may be requested such as a swimming pool, which gives purchasers further options and flexibility.

With their ideal location, facilities and build quality these Villas offer outstanding value and with prices starting from ONLY 112,500 Euros, are proving to be a hot favourite!

For more details Contact Us http://www.calabrian-property.com/contact.html

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Calabrian Property has just released a new launch of Calabria Apartments with Prices starting from €46,000.

These new stunning apartments are just 200 metres from the unspoilt Calabrian Sandy beaches and have all on site facilities needed for the perfect holiday home or investment.

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The delayed plans to create the worlds longest suspension bridge between Sicily and Calabria, Southern Italy will begin in December.

The project is estimated to cost Euro 6.1bn and will be the largest of its kind in the world. It will connect mainland Italy via Calabria over the Messina Strait to Sicily 3.7km away.

The Bridge itself will be a road, rail and pedestrian bridge towering 210 feet from the sea.

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Italy’s government has started with the new plans of building of the controversial bridge which will be connecting the islands of Sicily with the mainland, Calabria.

The Messina Bridge, which distance will measure 3.3kilometers will be the longest bridge of its type in this world. This is one of the major projects opted for and handled by Italy’s Silvio Berlusconi.

The plan was originaly brought by him during his 2002-2206 government, but the plan was dropped when the next government came to power.

It is a huge project which will cost about 17.8 billion-euro which wil gives job opportunities to many people in Calabria and Sicily and also enriches the two regions economies.

This massive project was agreed by all major cabinets of the current government and various other government departments and will be a major European icon once built.

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Italian property seen as safe bet

Italy and France are the 2 of the safest countries yielding greater profit regarding the overseas markets for UK property investors.

The National Association of Estate Agents International quoted that, people purchasing their property in overseas always seek for “less risky” markets for at least one year from their purchase. Italy and France are seated in the top spots for less risky markets.

NAEAI also added that in order to get property at good bargain rates then Spain and Turkey will be the best to look forward.

They consider the value of Sterling will play a major role regarding the property investment because the value has been fallen very low this year and it affected the economic growth to a greater extend.

NAEAI also added that the global property value will remain stable for during the first 3 months of 1010 but then rise after this.

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In 2009, Britain’s prestigious Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors gave the credentials that Italy is the one of the most trustable and best places to invest to your money regarding purchasing overseas properties.

The have come to this conclusion due to markets in Italy are not diminished by any sort of cheap credit or due to any instability in market value which are seen in US and Europe countries.

To quote Knight Frank, “Historically, property prices in Italy have always held.” In stark contrast, average prices in the US fell a record 18.2% through November 2008, with Las Vegas values plunging by nearly 40%, according to the 20-city Case-Shiller index.

A rule has been brought into Italian Tax regime which has dropped the buying cost by 10 -15%, this reveals that this means many more people are considering buying Italian property.

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The National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA) has disclosed their global property estimation which they believe will be the best areas to invest overseas this year.

They suggest the British are looking mainly for secure areas to buy their homes abroad by seeking good stable markets such as Italy and France.

The NAEA has predicted that there will be no change in currency for the first quarter of this year, so they have given an opinion to purchasers to invest their property before the rates change and prices increase.

Linda Travella, a chair person of NAEA Italy said that: “Sterling has regained a good position against the European currency trading two to three cents either side of 1.15 during the second half of last year.”

However she also added that the number of Britons purchasing their home properties in Italy might get diminished during the first quarter of 2010 giving opportunity to buyers.

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Other Services

Calabrian Property includes an all in service for anyone looking to live or buy property in Calabria. Should you require any service that we do not provide please email info@calabrian-property.com and we will happily point you in the right direction.

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Our Management Team look after many Clients Properties in numerous locations around Calabria.

To maximise return on investment, rental property is offered to Italians as well as European tourists and is marketed to take full advantage of the higher Summer tariffs, naturally avoiding any dates stipulated for personal use..

Rent and management charges vary depending on location.

Our services include:

  1. Advertising
  2. Bookings and Rentals
  3. Cleaning/Changeovers
  4. Airport Transfer/Car Hire
  5. Welcome Packs
  6. Meet and Greet
  7. Keyholding

For further information please email lettings@calabrian-property.com

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